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We support both a thriving industry & sustainable lifestyle for those who want to go tiny!

Tiny Home Builders Association of Canada, (formerly Tiny Home Alliance) as an organization has been a registered not-for-profit in Canada since 2017. With a plan of development, activism, and positive change, our need for funding and volunteers is ongoing. We welcome any amount of skill or financial help you can give, and there are many other ways to be a part of this great community!

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Our Story

The Tiny Home Alliance is a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded in 2014 and was Canada’s first online resource for accessing information about tiny homes. Our purpose is to provide an online and personal resource for Canadians who are curious about alternative housing, such as tiny homes, micro homes, earth-ships, yurts, and more.​ Initially, the hope and vision were for others to gather together and form a Canadian alliance so that effective change could take place.

Since our inception, more people have become interested in networking, organizing, and activism regarding tiny houses. The organization has grown from two members to an established board of directors, with volunteers and allies who are all fervently networking with other organizations and individuals for the same goals in mind.​


In January 2024, we're proud to officially become the Tiny Home Builders Association of Canada. Our work will become focused on bringing policy that will have positive impacts on the tiny home industry and by doing this, we will make tiny home living more accessible and help take some strain off our current housing crisis.

Our Team.

We could never have come this far without all the hard work from the volunteers who donate their time.

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